Why do you want to leave your current job, how to explain?

Why do you want to leave your current job, this is the very common question by the interviewer during interview session. The HR manager/Hiring Manager always interested to know the actual reason to leave your current job so that they can collect more information about ability, integrity, working capacity, your importance to the current job. […]

Why do you want to leave your current job, this is the very common question by the interviewer during interview session. The HR manager/Hiring Manager always interested to know the actual reason to leave your current job so that they can collect more information about ability, integrity, working capacity, your importance to the current job. Also justify your problem solving capacity in an undesired situation.

So before leave a current job and to face a new interview session you have to face different type of questions which answer must be previously prepared. Take some time to prepare yourself. Try to prepare a logical, reliable answer so that the interviewer can rely on your answer and believe it with full confident then he can take positive decision about you.

You can answer the question” Why do you want to leave your current job?” in various ways but remember it “Interviewer will not suggest the Hiring Manager to hire you until he is satisfied your positive response”. Here is depicted some season which you can corporate at your structural answer-

  • You are not properly evaluated
  • You want more compensation package
  • The existence of the company is going to invalid
  • You are undervalued at your current position
  • You are ready to take new challenge
  • You want a job with better future career plan
  • You want a job with new opportunity to enhance next level of career
  • You are leaving your existing job due to family matters
  • You are unable to suite you current office time schedule
  • You are going to leave current city
  • You want to reactivate your career
  • Decided to go back to your university for new course
  • You are not fit for current company culture
  • You want a better career opportunity
  • You want to change environment for doctor’s decision
  • You want work with the market leader
  • You want to work in different company
  • You want to change your existing position
  • You want next level promotion
  • Your current company is unable to give any remuneration package
  • Your company is going to change its business criteria
Be clear about your reasons for exiting

Must be straight forward to give reason to leave your current company:

Most of the time employee fail to give the actual reason to leave the existing company. Take some time, make a list with positive reason to leave your current company. If you are hard to understand then you can go with the following reason. This can help to find out a common reason to leave your current company-

  • What is the aim of your career?
  • Are you satisfied with you career?
  • What you want to be?
  • What really you want and what you received?
  • What do you want after 5 or 10 years?
  • What you want the new job?
  • Why you like new job role?
  • Are you undervalued?
  • Why you don’t like your current job?
  • Are you fail to make positive rapport with your colleague?
  • Are your manager not satisfied with your activities?
  • What is your relation with peer colleagues?
  • Which type of industry you really like?
  • What is real mission and vision?
  • Are you want to be an entrepreneur?
  • Why you are not satisfied with your current job?
  • Are you really dissatisfied with your current job role?
  • Are you in faulty situation?

Write down the some key reason to change your existing job. Try to select more professional reason not person. Try to be profession in terms of reason to leave job. Generally interviewer will not show any interest with your personal reason.

It is very desirable that you are going to leave your job for professional reason. Suppose your family is going to change the city and you want to leave your job. This is not a valid reason to interviewer for leaving your job.

why do you leave your current job
Describe your answer in a short session

It is very much important to keep your answer in short but you have to answer in full throttle and this answer may not exceed 45 sec. covered by two to three sentences. Then you have to point back why you are the best fit for the job.

Always stay positive mode

The reason of leaving current job may be in many reason most of them are person and financial matters. Employee engage in a job can’t move to another if he didn’t fall in less mental or job satisfaction. Nobody to leave his comfort zone even best performer of the year. A negative situation compel the employee to leave his current position. In job interview you can’t express the negative situation as”My reporting Manager is very rude to me. His behavior is not up to the mark, always pinch me badly. I fell always humiliated compare to others. Please save me…”

You have to be always in positive mode. You can’t express the negative situation to interview board though you are in false position. An interviewer never want a problem creating person, always seek problem solver. They are fond of a person who can work in stress condition or able to handle difficult situation.

You have to focus on your job expertise, what you have learn in the previous day and what you have to done to achieve your dream job. You know yourself very well not others, so try to develop yourself by discussing with others or taking any type training or surfing internet.

Try to increase interaction with your peer colleague, share your problem and try to find a positive response from others. Call an expert from your colleague who can solve your problem. Help your peer colleague and they will also help if a proper rapport build with them.

You can express your positive answer in interview session as”my current job role is very interesting and generally help to other colleague who is unable to realize their job role. Basically I perform the quality surveillance type job. I have learned various type of new skill by this way. Under this circumstances I am looking for a new role where I can apply my experience…”

Try to be authentic without being too comprehensive

When you are in this situation, try to explain your position positively, never hide any basic information. If you are not satisfied with your current job, there are hundred ways to share your information without defame your company? Keep your answer in short and focus on your new job opportunity that you are very much excited to get the job.

If you’re sacked or you are being compelled for some instances, express it positive way what actually happen. If you are not in on job. Tell it to the employer, don’t hide it. Employer always search your previous history. Without collecting any previous job history you will not able to get any job as experienced professional.

If employer found any provided information mismatch with your supplied answer, then you will not eligible for the job. Employer will no longer trust your position. You are probably lose this opportunity.

How to surround your explanations for leaving a job?

I think you have already listed your explanations to leave your current job. Here I am presented some explanations which may not properly presented on interview session. There is some explanation you may like to prepare your better explanation “Why do you want to leave your current job”

I don’t like my company

No company is errorless, there is a positive and negative side in each and every company. Take few minutes and think why you don’t like your company? Take this point and make it your target point and prepare the positive, clear, straightforward, precise and responsive answer based on this point.

For example:

Presently I am working with a renowned company with strong mission and vision. In the very recent time this is become very clear to me that I need more motivation from a stronger mission oriented firm. The mission of your company “Create possibility for underrated profession” attract me very much to work with and continue my positive career growth.

I have been working more than seven years and fond of to work with more communication and collaboration where the area of my work expansion is very much limited. I like a wide working environment where I can show my professional experience more broadly and continue my professionalism. I am very much excited to do the same.

More target more pay

This may be a great factor to leave your current position but this issue is more sensitive to share which can indifferently interviewer can interpret. Best option is to interact with more target oriented job, more possibility to get rewarded.

I am motivated with lot of factors, client satisfaction, peers satisfaction, excellent working environment, friendly reporting manager may be the top of the list but I like to receive more compensation package which is also a great motivation for me and I am very much excited to get the opportunity, want to exceed my target and get more rewards which drive me positively

“I am no longer like my job”

This condition arise from a situation where employee involve in long term monotonous job. Same day same position, no promotion, no motivation create a dissatisfaction to the current role. Opposite situation may arise, employee himself is not capable to play the current role, not like to take new challenge, fond of monotonous job. His skill and ability didn’t match with the current job.

Try to make a positive response based on which opportunity you are seeking and which challenge you want to take at your new role. “I have been working my current role more than three years and recently I am seeking more opportunities where I can continue developing my skill and abilities”

Or you can explain” I have gain more and more positive professional experience through my current job. Now I am searching more opportunity where I can expose myself as positive team leader and I am very much excited to do the same in my new role”

“I am unable to continue my office schedule”

Time management of a specific office play a vital role to do the activities. Almost every office follow the similar time frame in terms of General shift, Morning shift, Night Shift and another shift when require but not limited to. Perhaps you can involve in a different time frame office which totally different to standard system then you can go with this point to focus on as

”I know that I will perform very well when I am in healthy balance with work environment and positive time management. I am very much committed with my existing office schedule and all day I plan about this issue and I also like to take flexibility of time scheduling where applicable and continue my professional expertise in everyday life”

The very best expiation to leaving a job

There are many reasons you can and should explain why you’re looking for a new opportunity. As professionals grow in the workplace, there is a natural flow from one job to the next as people seek out new learning opportunities, career development, new environments and other factors. Let’s look at a few examples of good reasons you’re looking for a new job:

Searching for best career growth

Based on the company police, every company has its own style for career progression of the employee. Some company offer positive career growth with short period of time and others offer slow career progression. This the strong reason to leave the current job for positive career development. You can explain this situation in the following way.

I have been working with a positive minded co-worker and excellent working environment but no possibility to step forward to the next level. Your company mission and vision interested me for career advancement where I can able to show my own path based on performance based career progression”

Strong desire to change existing career paths

The very common thing is to people to explore the different career path in his lifespan. In his entry level of job, most the job seeker take offer of any type of job which may be justified with his educational qualification or not. Those who are not lucky enough take offer without any career planning. In some period of time or after few years they feel loneliness once meeting their old friends want change career path very desperately. Again they do the same wrong that was made at the start of their career.

Be cool and be simple. Think a while, are really want to change your career path? Is it require to change the existing position? Are you not happy enough with your post? It if yes then you can go with the answer during interview session.

I’m really looking for a new working space which is totally absent in my present organization where I can prove myself as a very good team leader and expand my real formulation skills of different pharmaceuticals area.

Identified a better chance

You have to leave your current company when you will get better opportunity, this may be your better salary structure, you will get extra benefits, better working environments, more evaluation of your work where you will show your better existence the you can go with-

“My job role was multidimensional and I have learned most of the critical assessment of risk. My actual goal was to save the company from any potential financial risk. I like to expand my expertise in cross-functional department but my existing position didn’t allow me to do the same”

Compel to go or laid off

This is the fate of some people which can’t avoid, don’t worry take some time and think a while and prepare a best answer why you are looking for the job. Try to avoid personal matters. You can take the following issue-

Be honest without describe any unnecessary details

Never mention the word” You are fired”

Explain the best you get from the situation

Give the reason why you are best fit for the available position

Here are the two options for the two different situations:

If you are compel to go:         

“I myself realize my previous employer and I realize my former employer and I had done some activities different way which was beyond their expectation. Now I have learn a lot and I’m very much excited about the role to bring that adulthood to my next professional life.

Your company is laid off:

“I am the sufferer by my current company, unfortunately is going laid off and 50% of the current employee is going to compulsory separation. For this unavoidable circumstances I like to move another destination before final separation where I can reshuffle my career and show my expertise”.

This is the all out the reason to “Why do you want to leave your current job? Hope this is all the issue but not limited to. There may be other severe reason when a person is compel to search a new opportunity.

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