“Tell me about yourself” what the best answer is?

Tell me about yourself, this seems very easy question to all. What is it, I can handle it very well? Really you can do that? Wait. It is not easy that you are thinking. This is really a Tricky question. How to handle this question? Start with your background, Start with current status, start with […]

Tell me about yourself, this seems very easy question to all. What is it, I can handle it very well? Really you can do that? Wait. It is not easy that you are thinking. This is really a Tricky question.

How to handle this question? Start with your background, Start with current status, start with future plan or you are going to answer it like a professional guy. I am sure you are just worried to give this answer. Well you are not the one. Thousands of job seekers are just waiting to get the best answer. Actually most of the people are tremendously struggle to do the same.

So how I get the best answer about the question” Tell me about yourself”

First, it’s important to understand why interviewers ask job applicants the question “Tell me about yourself.” From an employer’s perspective, this question serves several purposes. The goal is to obtain information about the candidate’s suitability for the position, personality, communication skills, and overall fit with the company culture. This is not about delving into personal or family history, nor about spreading rumors. Rather, it is a strategic inquiry aimed at understanding an individual’s nature.

Imagine a scenario where you apply for a marketing position at a tech startup. The interviewer may want to determine your marketing background, approach to problem solving, communication style, and your fit with the company’s culture of innovation. We want to gain insight into your professional identity to ensure that you have the necessary qualities and experience to excel in the role.

The answer to this question is very important because it sets the tone for the entire interview. This is your opportunity to create a compelling story that highlights your strengths, experience, and accomplishments as they relate to the position. Think of this as your elevator pitch. It is a short but effective outline of who you are professionally.

Imagine that you are the interviewer and you have decided to give a structured answer that highlights your experience with digital marketing, your passion for achieving results, and your ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. This answer not only answers the interviewer’s question, but it leaves a lasting impression and establishes you as a strong candidate for the job.

Conversely, imagine giving an unexpected or poorly worded answer that doesn’t meet your employer’s expectations. You may encounter irrelevant personal anecdotes or inconsistent descriptions of your background. In these situations, the interviewer may feel that you lack focus or qualifications for the position, which may cause them to question your candidacy.

Ultimately, the quality of your answer to the “Tell me about yourself” question can have a significant impact on how the interviewer views your suitability for the job. By writing thoughtful, relevant answers that reflect your qualifications and focus on the job, you increase your chances of advancing to the interview. It’s not about memorizing a script, it’s about conveying sincerity, professionalism, and passion for the opportunity given.


Give the answer at very much straightforward. A better answer must be-

Personalized- You are going to apply for a “Quality Control Job”. An employer didn’t want the production or Quality Assurance related experiences. Your answer must be relevant for the job that you applied for.

Well, it’s actually pretty straightforward. A good answer should be-

Specific on Experience– Please don’t say that “I am Isabela Paris and in the year of 20XX, I was High school student then in the year of 20XX I was College student then I myself admitted in the University of XYZ”. Your answer must be consist of your relevant experience, background, degree, achievements, your personal interest, hobby and current status.

Organized– You should follow the simply, smart, easy format so that everybody can easily read your speech very well. Never complex the simple issue. Try to keep it simple, just include the information what really you are. A typical answer may be consist of-

Present- Describe your current position, activities and major role

Past-Describe your previous activities, experience, achievements

Future-Describe your next plan that you are going to be that may be tell the interviewer that “Why you want this Job?

Here are some basic tips, you can follow the issue-

Be Professional in brief

When you are going to answer” Tell me about yourself”. Keep your speech not more than 2 minutes. No body want your entire life history at all even HR Manager. You can’t start with your Kindergarten / Primary School/ High School/ University Life or like that. Just deliver you specific point which is best fit for the job.

You can’t start with” I was a student of XYZ high school, since I grow up I passed my high school then I admitted myself at Higher Secondary School. After that I got myself admitted in University in the year of …

This is really a bad idea to do that, you have to start with your current status just like” Thank you very much for shortlisting me. I am Isabela Paris. I am Pharmacist with ten years of practical experience in different pharmaceutical company especially in document section both national and international affairs”. Just keep it simple.

Practice, practice and practice but don’t copycat others

In a modern interview session, you must hear “tell me about yourself”. So start practice this question. So how do you do that? Don’t worry. There is a better solution. Hire/request a friend to be your partner for a time being. Practice with that friend making him as HR Manager and you are the job seeker.

Remember don’t memorize the answer. Just took down the main point and practice with that. If you memorize then you are probably mess up in interview session while you forget it. Just create the idea and structure it as present, past and future and try to deliver it.

Remember, who is your audience?

 This is the vital point at the interview session. You have to know the member of the interview panel. Generally panel member introduce themselves, if not then you have to know them by the mode of their questions.

This is very important that who is talking with you and how you are handle with that. It may be your question, is it import? Well, there is an answer. Suppose you a Pharmacist and you are interviewing with HR manager. What then, you just start “I am a pharmacist, I know very well in powder technology and proper knowledge in dry granulation and wet granulation…? Is it perfect answer?

HR Manger didn’t know about powder technology nor dry granulation and wet granulation. A HR Manager generally known with more generic answer and your career, your applying reason, your expected salary etc. but when you interview with CEO or CTO then you can go with anything.

Structure your answer divided into different percentage

If you face the question “tell me about yourself” then you should remember the three Letter[WAP]-

Work-This section consist of more than 80% of the total answer

Academy-Consist of not more than 15%

Personal-This section generally minor and contains not more than 5% of the total answer.

Just after the greetings this the first question of the interviewer” Tell me about yourself”. In this session the interviewer really wants to know that what really you are. Just tell about your professional experience in this session, present, past and future plan. The interviewer want to justify the employer about their professional experience and next plan of the employee.

The employer want to know that the selected employee is fit for the asked position and do better for the same. Most of the employer generally want that the employee must be smart enough with current job descriptions and better know how about the designated position.

When you face the interview session and face this question “Tell me about yourself” then you should structure your answer in the following way-

A. For Fresh Graduates and College Student

Firstly, describe your current position/ situation/Status as likeMy name is Isabella Paris, I’m 23 Years of old and recently I have completed my graduation degree from University of XYZ with B.A. in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. I learned more about gene Biophysical Chemistry, Human Physiology, Enzymes and Enzyme Kinetics, Bioorganic Chemistry, Bioinformatics, GMOs and Biosafety, Bioprocess Technology, Genomics and Proteomics, Bioethics, Biostatistics and more. I was the part and parcel of the student assembly while maintaining GPA 3.7 out of 4”.

Secondly, try to summarize your previous experience with Achievement as like “During my study period I was voluntarily service our university library due to I love to know various types of subject related books rather than wasting time at to and fro. I was also involve in our university debate team and win two time championship”.

Thirdly, summarize your next plan, as like in this way I work hard to gain my knowledge from text book and other way, now I want to apply my knowledge through practice if I got any chance in your renowned organization. I have no practical experience but I have lot of coverage in real business environment.

I have completed lot of workshop which is related to real company problems. I am very much interested to deliver my all acquired knowledge in practical field and I think that I am the right person that you are looking for long time and best fit for the vacant position”.

Sample Answer for University Admissions:

B. Firstly, describe your current position/ situation/Status as like

” Hello, This is Isabela Paris, and I’m a elder at School of XYZ. I am almost better at my study plan and I am maintaining 3.8 GPA out of 4 though I am involve in various types of school projects and cultural activities. I am the chairman of “J.K Rowling Fantasy Club” which I started six month ago and continuing with more than hundred members as of now.

I am also the member of foreign student funding club and involve campus cleaning and hygiene program. We generally invite different university professor as guest lecturer for our campus cleaning and hygiene program”.

Secondly, try to summarize your previous experience with Achievement as like

“I am very fond of team work and never like to miss team building and try to continue the team spirit. I never hesitate to ask help from any one in any situation if I am unable to understand any subject matters. For instance, in the few month ago I was in trouble with “Algebra” which was little bit tricky for me then I ask help to my class teacher about this issue and request him to give me some extra time one after another day. At the end I got “A” in this subject”.

Thirdly, summarize your next plan, as like

Now at the University of XYZ, I’m preparing myself for major in Pharmacy or Molecular Biology. I also love to do lab work and study in a public library in the most of my leisure period”.

Sample Answer for Experienced Professionals

C. Firstly, describe your current position/ situation/Status as like

Yes, I am very much happy to do the same. Good Evening! Thank you for shortlisting me for the interview. My name is Isabela Paris. I am a Pharmacist with more than 10 years practical working experience in different pharmaceuticals company both in compliance and document section.

I am Master of Pharmacy and completed my graduation from XYZ University. Now I am involve in BPL as Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance. My major responsibility is to handle Change control, Deviation Management, CAPA, Quality Risk Management and product release.

Secondly, try to summarize your previous experience with Achievement as like

“In my previous organization I was involve in quality compliance section in more than 5 years where my major responsibility was In-process control of various pharmaceutical dosage form mainly in Tablet, Capsule, Liquid, SVP and LVP. There I was experienced with various types In-process control related Instruments especially in Disintegration Tester, Harness Tester, Electronic Balance, pH meter etc. with their qualification activities”.

Secondly, try to summarize your previous experience with Achievement as like

“before that, I was working as a project manager for Company Y that provided cloud computing solutions for about 6 years. There, I personally managed 5+ teams of software projects, and made sure everything went smoothly in terms of business goals, deadlines, budget, and more”.

Thirdly, summarize your next plan, as like

In my downtime, I enjoyed football and cricket also. This activity has shown me good strategy, consistency and determination can help to overcome any obstacle. I am person who thrives in a fast paced environment and right now I am looking for an opportunity to apply my practical expertise along with my creative problem solving capacity”.

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