Lupamat Air Compressor And Air Dryer Operation And Maintenance

Lupamat Air Compressor,Purpose: Lupamat Air Compressor, The purpose of this SOP is to define the standard operation and maintenance procedure of Air Compressor manufactured by Lupamat in order to ensure its smooth & trouble-free operation and generation of quality compressed air. Lupamat Air Compressor, Scope: This Standard Operating Procedure applies to the Lupamat Air Compressor […]

Lupamat Air Compressor,Purpose:

Lupamat Air Compressor, The purpose of this SOP is to define the standard operation and maintenance procedure of Air Compressor manufactured by Lupamat in order to ensure its smooth & trouble-free operation and generation of quality compressed air.

Lupamat Air Compressor, Scope:

This Standard Operating Procedure applies to the Lupamat Air Compressor of Model – LKV 37/10MI, which is located at the Utility area of General Block of XX Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Definitions / Abbreviation:

[][]Air Compressor: An air compressor is a device that converts power (usually from an electric motor) into kinetic energy by compressing and pressurizing the ambient air.


[][]The roles and responsibilities are as follows:

Engineering (Validation) Department

[][]Preparing the SOP and revise it when necessary.

Engineering (Maintenance) Department

[][]To provide necessary support for smooth operation & maintenance of the system.
[][]To ensure that the operators are responsible to carry out the operation and maintenance work and regular checking of the critical components and logbooks.
[][]To develop a list of spare parts based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and to forward the list to the Planning and Procurement department with a request to place order as required.


[][]To operate the Air Compressor according to the SOP.
[][]To fill up the logbooks related to the air compressor.
[][]To do the maintenance according to the check list.



[][]All operation and maintenance work must be done safely in accordance with the requirements of the Plant Safety Statement and the safety notices around the plant. Specific attention must be paid to the following:
[][]Never touch any piping or components of the compressor during operation.
[][]Use only the correct type and size of hose end fittings and connections. When blowing through a hose or air line, ensure that the open end is held securely. A free end will whip and may cause injury. Make sure that a hose is fully depressurized before disconnecting it.
[][]Do not apply the air to skin or direct an air stream at people. Never use the air to clean dirt from your clothes. When using the air to clean equipment; do so with extreme caution and wear eye protection.
[][]Persons switching on the machines shall take adequate precautions to ensure that there is no one checking or working on the machine.
[][]Never operate the machine when there is a possibility of taking in flammable or toxic fumes, vapors or particles.

[][]Never operate the machine below or in excess of its limit ratings.
[][]Keep all bodywork doors shut during operation.
[][]All maintenance work shall only be undertaken when the machine has cooled down.
[][]Before removing any pressurized component, effectively isolate the machine from all sources of pressure and relieve the entire system of pressure.
[][]Never use flammable solvents for cleaning parts. Take safety precautions against toxic vapors of cleaning liquids.
[][]Never use a light source with open flame for inspecting the interior of a machine, pressure vessel, etc.
[][]Make sure that no tools, loose parts or rags are left in or on the machine.
[][]Do not walk or stand on the roof of the unit.

System Description:

The air compressor manufactured by Lupamat has a capacity of 5.03 m3/min.
[][] Air drawn through an air filter is mixed with the oil and compressed in screw type compressor.
[][] The compressed air – oil mixture is then passed through the oil separator to separate the oil.
[][]This compressed air is discharged through silencer and after coolers.
[][]The compressed air leaves the compressor via the air outlet.
[][]This is an air cooled type compressor which is facilitated with air filter, moisture trap, high pressure and low pressure safety valve, desiccant type dryer system etc.
After being compressed in compressor the compressed air will be stored in a receiver tank.
[][]Air will be dried in the desiccant type dryer and then distributed through pipe line to the different production facility.

Operating Procedure:

Operation of compressor:

[][]Initial Start-up of compressor:
[][]Tight up all the flanges, nuts and bolts.
[][]Check the oil level inside the tank.
[][]The electrical installation must be earthed.
[][]Close the discharge valve before initial start – up.
[][]Switch on the voltage. Start the compressor by pressing Start Button and stop it immediately.
[][]Check for correct direction of rotation (Clockwise) while the motor is coasting to a stop.
[][]If the rotation direction is wrong, switch off the voltage and reverse two incoming electric lines.
[][]Check the rotation direction of the fan motor. If the rotation direction is wrong, switch off the voltage and reverse the motor’s electrical connection.

Start-up Procedure of compressor:

[][]Open the air outlet valve.
[][]Switch on the main circuit breaker.
[][]Press the Start button. The compressor starts running in automatic mode.

During Operation:

[][]Daily check the display for readings and messages. At the left middle of the main screen the line pressure, air / end pressure, air/oil temperature can be seen. At the middle of right side of the screen total working time, load working time information and the remaining time up to general service maintenance time.
[][]Always check the display and remedy the trouble if alarm is alight or blinks.
[][]The Operational Log Sheet (Annexure – I) of air compressor and dryer will be filled up on every hour by the operator.
[][]Photocopy of the all the approved forms will be used where easily applicable.
[][]For the cases where computer generated copies are relatively easy to handle, the exact format of the approved form can be used(except the approval sign) with the following notes as footer:
“This is a computer generated report. The format is as per the original approved form.”

Stopping Procedure:

[][]Press the stop button; the compressor will stop when the outlet pressure is under 1 bar.
[][]If the pressure does not come under 1 bar within 5 minutes the compressor will stop by giving a failure alarm “the compressor cannot be stopped”.
[][]Close the air outlet valve.
[][]Cut the electricity from the main power. When shutting down after a normal day operation, empty out any water that may have stayed within the air tank.
[][]To stop the compressor immediately, press emergency stop button.
[][]Frequently stopping the compressor using the emergency stop button may damage the compressor; only use the emergency stop button in case of emergency.
[][]The compressor cannot be started without resetting the emergency switch.

Operation of Air Dryer:

Starting Procedure

[][]Hold down on-off button for 3 seconds.
[][]With the first start, all leds on the front panel flash one by one.
[][]At first, the hot air gets into dryer, +4 °C or +8°C led flashes. Then refrigerating compressor starts to work and related led flashes.
[][]Condenser fan unit starts only if the refrigerating compressor is running and/or condenser fan temperature is higher than +30°C.
[][] It switches itself “stop” when condenser fan temperature gets lower than +20°C or refrigerating compressor stops.
[][]Cooling process continues until temperature gets down to +2°C and condenser motor stops. Dryer switches itself “STOP” and Because of thermal storage feature of heat exchanger, keeps the heat for a while.
[][]When the heat rises up to +4°C motor starts again. System continues in this way.

Stopping Procedure of Dryer:

[][]To stop the dryer, proceed as follows:
[][]Close the external inlet valve between the compressor and the dryer and the external outlet valve between the dryer and the dry air consumer.
[][]Switch off the dryer by pressing ON/OFF button.
[][]If the dryer is stopped for a longer period, keep the external inlet and outlet valve closed to avoid the moisture from entering the dryer.

Maintenance Procedure:

Safety Instruction:
[][]Hang the Maintenance tag prior to any maintenance activity.
[][]Use protective clothing.
[][]Use proper tools.
[][]Isolate the system electrically and mechanically prior to maintenance.

General Instruction:

[][]Plan and procure spares and manpower prior to the maintenance works.
[][]Only trained personnel are to be engaged in maintenance work.
[][]After finishing the maintenance work, the area & the equipment should be cleaned & tagged out.
[][]Functional/operational checks are to be conducted after maintenance works have been done.
[][]Maintenance Log Book has to be filled up by the operator after performing scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance Program:

Daily Maintenance

[][]Clean the machine exterior and its surroundings.
[][]Check that condensate is discharged during loading.
[][]Check the oil level. Before starting, the level should be in the middle of the sight-glass.
[][]Check the display panel for information and service messages.

Weekly Maintenance

[][]Clean the inner side of the machine.
[][]Clean the air filters thoroughly.
[][]Check for possible leaks.
[][]Clean the condenser unit of Air Dryer with compressed air.
[][]Clean the cooler surface.
[][]Check the tightness of v-belt.

After 3000 hrs

[][]Clean the air filter elements.
[][]Check the viscosity of the oil and change it if necessary.
[][]Check for oil leakage.

After 5000 hrs

[][]Check for damaged wiring or loose connections.
[][]Check and replace the air hoses if necessary.
[][]Check and replace the oil hoses.
[][]Clean the air/oil separator tank.

After 10000 hrs

[][]Clean the intake air filter and change it if necessary.
[][]Clean the intake control valve.
[][]Clean the intake control valve o-ring and rubber pad and change it if necessary.
[][]Clean the air/oil pipe gasket and change it if necessary.
[][]Check the V-belt and change it if necessary.

After 20000 hrs

[][]Replace the electric motor bearings if it is necessary.


Annexure – I: Operational Log Sheet.
Annexure – II: Maintenance Log Book of Air Compressor and Air Dryer.

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