Make a Great Impression on Interview, How to Proceed?

Make a great impression on interview, this session may divided into three sections Before starting interview session     At interview session When you just complete your interview session Before starting interview session        The very last day before seating your interview session, you have to arrange some time to do the same which will help you better […]

Make a great impression on interview, this session may divided into three sections

  • Before starting interview session    
  • At interview session
  • When you just complete your interview session
Before starting interview session       

The very last day before seating your interview session, you have to arrange some time to do the same which will help you better to understand your situation.

  • Start Researching about the company
  • Start Practicing with common interview question
  • Get prepare according interviewer job Description
  • Follow PDCA cycle to answer the question
  • Execution of Plan
  • Collect appropriate references
  • Prepare with real life professional experience
  • Be proactive not reactive
Start Researching about the company

Make a great impression on interview, Now a days any established company possess a well-designed website contains all basic information regarding company mission, vision, target, goal, achievement, CSR[Corporate Social Responsibility], product and service list, Top management profile and overall summary of the company. Most of the company contains Social Media Profile, Page, and Group etc. You can start your research regarding the respected from here.

From the Facebook group and page, you will find the information regarding company culture, employee activities, management policy, press release etc. even you can find an old friend who are working in the company if you are like enough.

Start Practicing with common interview question

Tell me about yourself is the most common interview question, this question may arise different form like express yourself/Can you please tell your career goal/Summarize yourself/ Present yourself/Give me basic information about you/How can you express yourself and the answer same.

Another interview question is Why you choose our company/Why you leave your current company/Why we should hire you/ Give me some reason that you are the best of all/What is your salary expectation/Why you asking more salary/What is the negative side of your company?

 You have to prepare align with the common interview questions. Hope this will help you during interview session.

Get prepare according interviewer job Description

Read carefully the complete job descriptions and qualification, job locations and related information so that the best result you can get. Mark the keyword of the job descriptions and match with your existing criteria if you are go well with that or not. Please don’t apply the job position which didn’t match with your criteria to avoid any unwanted occurrences during interview session.

 You may want to print it out and begin underlining specific skills the employer is looking for. Think about examples from your past and current work that align with these requirements.

Follow PDCA cycle to answer the question

Make a great impression on interview, You have to use PDCA cycle to answer the questions. You have to exercise PDCA [Plan, Do, Check, Action] to answer the question. Plan your interview session, take necessary measure to execute the plan, Seek any error present or not, if found correct the error, then finally execute your plan.

Execution of Plan 

After making a list of common interview question and necessary answer then you can engage your close friend as interviewer and start practice with questions and answer. More and more practice will increase your capability to deliver the answer. After a certain period of time your confidence will high and you will get the best result from this action.

Collect appropriate references

Before or after your interview, the interviewer musk ask you list of reference. So it will be the wise practice to collect list of referees before start the main interview session. This approach will also help you to facilitate the hiring process.

Prepare with real life professional experience

Make a great impression on interview, exercise with your best professional experience where you played major role and solve the issue with excellent solution. Deliver the answer if ask “What is best work of your professional life and how you solve that issue”. You can prepare your answer with your professional experience or volunteer works which praise more.

Be proactive not reactive

Today interviewers are very much smart, they just not only like to questions to the employee but also expect questions from employee. Create a list a smart questions bank is essential smart interview session. In the very past it was the common thinking that to ask question to the interviewer is a serious crime but today the scenario has been changed, the road has just change from one way.

make great impression on interview

Be sure what you are asking to the employer the approach at smart way-

  • Can you please explain the job description of this post?
  • Can you share a success store who has been a successful leader in the similar role?
  • How you will evaluate my position?
  • Have any opportunity to migrate cross functional department?
  • How I will get confirmation to my position?
  • Is this position allow team work or I have to standalone?
  • Who will assist me to perform the day to day activities?
At interview session

Make a great impression on interview, on the interview day you have to proceed your next activity as follows-

  • Be aware to prepare your dress code
  • Be aware about Interview accessories
  • Time planning to reach interview location
  • Make positive first impression
  • Keep your respect on everyone
  • Time to show you manner
  • Ready to show your positive attitude
  • Keep silence and avoid any unnecessary airy gesture
  • Use professional achieves with every answer
  • Give your feedback in short and concise 
Be aware to prepare your dress code

If possible ask the interviewer for your dress code. Some of the company also mention their dress code via email and some are not. You can ask contact person about this issues. You can search internet about this issue” How to dress up for a formal interview?’’ Normally a black pant with white full shirt with neck tie and leather shoe was the trend in the past but most of the employee break the tradition wearing colorful full sleeve shirt, pant etc. A better looking spectacles can easily help to increase your personality.

Be aware about Interview accessories

Make it simple, just bring your recent resume, pen, PP size color photo, small notebook, ID card, highlighter and please avoid your smart gadget, you can bring smartphone but you have to keep it vibration otherwise keep it silent for the best. Try to maintain polite eye contact with the interviewer as much as possible.

Time planning to reach interview location

You can use google map to estimate the time to reach the spot of interview. It is the best practice to reach the location at least 30 minutes earlier. If you don’t know the location of the interview, feel free to contact with the contact person of the interviewer “How can you reach their location effetely, try to use personal transport or ride sharing service, avoid public transport for better preparation. If you use public transport, you must have a backup plan if traffic jam or closure or special occurrence.

Make positive first impression

Time to shine up your tiny expression- just make nails and teeth are clean enough, your cloths are stains, hole and extra thread free and lastly shine your favorite shoes. Show strong and confident body language that you are ready to take any challenge and keep your smile face during interview.

Keep your respect on everyone

On the interview location treat everyone with great respect. You should respect everyone security person to hiring manager, you didn’t know is actually hiring manager, plant manager and Quality head and so on. So keep your respect on.

Time to show you manner

Before enter into the interview room, ask permission to enter the room. Before the interview take a deep breathe to bring confident to you and avoid any negative fillings. When the interviewer extend their hand you have to firstly look their eye create a gentle smile and initiate handshake with them. A soft handshake is always preferable.

Ready to show your positive attitude

Nothing can, only attitude can win everybody heart. Deliver your most positive and specific answer what the ask not some much details. The interviewer must be beat you with series of questions to show their existence. You have to remain upbeat for a time being during interview session. Showing a positive answer with light smile face is always create a healthy interview environment.

Keep silence and avoid any unnecessary airy gesture

Keep at steady position and avoid any unnecessary body language, just focus on interviewer question, what he is asking to you? If you can’t hear or read the answer ask a repeat question politely ”Sorry, I can’t read you, can you please repeat the question”. If don’t know the answer of the asked questions, politely say” Sorry, I don’t know the answer of the questions exactly, can you please ask another question”

Use professional achieves with every answer

Try to answer any question with your practical professional’s achievements. If you can attach example with every answer then the interviewer will start to believe that you are the only one person who can solve their problem. Relate your answer with their requirements as per job descriptions.

Give your feedback in short and concise

Remember, your time in the interview session is very limited, so you have to answer in short and concise but informative and affirmative. Make your descriptive answer in short, only highlight on your answer keyword.

Keep your present job in positive side

Try to give your negative answer in positive way. Never underestimate or under value your current organization. Remember, no company like the negative person only want the problem solver not problem creator. Generally, company hire the employee when they face the tough situation to run their business.

Most of your answer must be consist of professional experience or something related with that but not personal comfort. Keep your eyes open if you receive any email or SMS or WhatsApp text. Generally you will get the result within one week to one month.

When you just complete your interview session

Make a great impression on interview, at the end of your interview, try to ask your hiring manager for the next steps. Most of the company inform by email for positive or negative result. Some of the company don’t send any rejection SMS or email or WhatsApp only inform if your selected for the next round.

Final communications                            

Never forget to collect ask business card from each interviewer for to send thank you email personally. If you face interview in morning session you have to send your email in evening and for other session send your thank you email in the next day but not to exceed 24 hours.

The content of the email must short and distinctive. Don’t send group email. You must be send the thank you mail separately. Generally all of the top management involve in interview session and they didn’t like group email at all from a job seeker. In this way you can make a great impression during interview session.


Factor affecting Great Impression on Interview

Making a compelling and lasting impression in an interview requires a careful mix of preparation, good communication skills, and solid professionalism. We dive deeper into preparation and explore a wide range of strategies, illustrated with real-world examples, that can significantly increase your chances of success.

  • Thorough company research
  • Introduction to resume
  • Common key interview questions
  • Workwear
  • Punctuality
  • Body language
  • Active listening
  • Express your passion
  • Thoughtful questions
  • Focus on soft skills
  • Post-interview follow-up

Thorough company research:

Learn about the company’s ethos, cultural differences, and overall mission. For example, if you’re applying to a technology company that promises innovation, demonstrate your ability to adapt to cutting-edge tools or methods. Understand the role and complexities of the sector. If you want to take on a marketing position at a fashion company, understanding the latest trends and market dynamics is essential.


Introduction to resume:

Prepare a brief discussion of the experiences, skills, and achievements described in your resume. For example, if you’ve worked on a successful project, be prepared to explain the challenges and accomplishments. Highlighting specific accomplishments that directly match the job requirements highlights your skills. If you are applying for a leadership position, discuss how your leadership has dramatically improved team performance.


Common key interview questions:

Guess and practice your answers to the most frequently asked interview questions. Using the STAR method, share a scenario where your innovative thinking led to a positive outcome. Tailoring responds to the specific requirements of the job. For example, if you’re applying for a customer service position, highlight an example of how you overcame a difficult situation with your problem-solving skills.



Choose attire that reflects the company culture and the position you are applying for. While a well-tailored suit may be appropriate in a corporate environment, a versatile style is desirable in creative industries. Your choice of clothing should reflect your understanding of your work environment. A graphic designer position may allow you to be creative, while a finance position may require a more conservative approach.



Arrive on time to demonstrate your commitment to punctuality. This not only reflects your interest, but also provides margin in case of unexpected delays. Imagine a situation where a candidate arrives early due to an unexpected traffic jam. This proactive approach speaks volumes about their commitment.


Body language:

Demonstrate confident body language through consistent eye contact, a firm handshake, and upright posture. This can be described as a candidate who conveys confidence and approachability through body language, which are key characteristics for customer-facing roles. Using subtle body language, such as nodding your head in agreement or leaning forward slightly, can emphasize your participation in the conversation.


Active listening:

Demonstrate active listening by carefully answering the interviewer’s questions. An example would be a candidate who, when asked a complex question, takes time to organize his or her thoughts before giving a comprehensive answer. Avoiding interruptions and asking for clarification when necessary shows your commitment to clear communication.


Express your passion:

Express your genuine passion for the company and the position. When applying to a startup, explain how your passion for innovation perfectly matches the company’s ethos. Connecting your personal career goals with your business development can create a compelling story.


Thoughtful questions:

Prepare probing questions that explore business dynamics, team cohesion, and role complexities. An example of this would be a candidate trying to understand employee development or the company’s future vision during an interview. A thoughtful request shows your genuine interest and strategic thinking.


Focus on soft skills:

Emphasizes the importance of soft skills such as adaptability, teamwork, and effective communication. Share an example of how team spirit contributed to project success. In today’s dynamic workplace, employers value candidates who can integrate seamlessly into diverse teams.


Post-interview follow-up:

Send a personalized thank you email within 24 hours. Express your gratitude for the opportunity and reiterate your enthusiasm for the position. To enhance engagement, focus on specific aspects of the interview. A timely and thoughtful follow-up not only highlights your professionalism, but also ensures that you remain the center of the interviewer’s attention.

Simply put, excelling at interviews requires a holistic approach that goes beyond simple competencies. Integrating these skills with real-world examples not only increases your chances of success, but also sets you apart as a fully prepared and engaged candidate who is strategically aligned with your company’s vision and values.

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